Early Intervention Reports (E.I.R.)

MLS has teamed up with a national commercial factual and surveillance investigation company to provide this detailed interpretive report, combining the IME with a fast track review of the factual findings to ensure consistency in evaluating a difficult claim. 

Relevant to the Workers Compensation area, the E.I.R produced will greatly assist case managers in effective, timely intervention in injury insurance claims in relation to identifying fraudulent claims early, accurately predicting the progress of claimants return to work, monitoring reasonable and necessary treatment and highlighting claims that have unreasonably failed to resolve. As the duration of a claim escalates the overall costs to manage the claim, the E.I.R. (when requested) will target doubtful claims (staged incident and injury where no incident or injury occurred, where the injury occurred at another time or place eg weekend sport, or where the claimed condition was pre-existent (non-disclosure). The E.I.R. will also highlight issues of failure to resolve (where the injury fails to progress to resolution within a reasonable time frame despite adequate medical review and treatment and hence the claim duration is longer and more expensive) and injury migration (where the original injury resolves but is replaced by an unrelated “add on” condition some time after the original incident).

The Early Intervention Report will assist case managers in monitoring the progress of legitimate claims and the early identification of fraudulent claims by:

  1. Verification of the facts of the injury by two separate experts;
  2. Defining the injury – which body part, trauma severity, forward estimate of treatment and work fitness; and
  3. Highlighting areas of concern in relation to possible fraudulent claims.

To book an Early Intervention Report call mls bookings on (02) 8243 5600 or email mlsbookings@mls.net.au and request an EIR. A form will be emailed to you. Simply fill out this form and email back. MLS will book the IME and email you confirmation and MLS will also make all arrangements to facilitate the fast track Factual. On completion of the two stages the combined report will then be forwarded to the case manager.